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His Majesty King Abdullah II's private office


US Embassy

Swiss Embassy

British Embassy

Greek Embassy

Danish embassy

Canadian Embassy

Iraqi Embassy

Belgian Embassy

Netherland Embassy

Iranian Embassy

Nigerian Embassy

Swedish Embassy

Algerian Embassy

Brazilian Embassy

Spain Embassy  

Qatar Embassy

Poland Embassy

Australian Embassy


Amra Palace Hotel - Petra

Holiday Inn - Amman

Holiday Inn - Aqaba

Holiday Inn Resort DeadSea

Geneva Hotel

Larsa Hotel

Berenice Beach Club 

Samarah Resort 

Aqaba Gulf Hotel

Adam Hotel

Government Departments

(KADDB) King Abdullah II Design and Development

General Command of the Armed Forces of Jordan

General Directorate of Civil Defense Jordan

General Intelligence Department

Royal Hashemite Court

Hashemite Royal palaces

Prime Minister Office

Anti-Corruption Commission

Directorate of General Security

Suwaga prison & rehabilitation Center

South Amman Police

Palace of Justice Amman

Palace of Justice Karak

Palace of Justice Irbid

The Public Institution for Social Security

Dar Al Hanan - Irbid

Sheltering people with special needs Center - Tafila


Arab Bank

Jordan Kuwait Bank

Cairo Amman Bank

Jordan Islamic Bank

Union Bank

The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance

Jordan Commercial Bank

Bank Audi

Bank Socite General

Jordan Ahli Bank

Bank of Jordan

Investment Bank

Jordanian Arab Islamic Bank

Capital Bank

Arab Banking Corporation

Central Bank of Jordan

The World Bank


Ministry of Public Works

Ministry of Water and Irrigation

Ministry of Education

Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and sanctities

Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority


Jordan phosphate mines co. ltd

Orange Jordan

Jordan Telecom

Jordan Electric Power Company

Visa Jordan Card Services

Middle East Insurance Co.


Arab Broadcast Services

Pharma International

Other Projects

Public works

  • Housing projects
  • Villas and palaces
  • Welfare Committee Qaqaa bin Omar al-Tamimi Mosque Affairs
  • The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
  • Swedish Foundation for Individual Relief
  • Food Control Laboratories
  • East Channel station
  • C-Town / Amman Mall
  • International Committee for Relief

Medical institutions

  • Sultan Medical Labs
  • Jordan University Hospital
  • Rashid Hospital
  • Jerash Government Hospital
  • Jabal Amman Maternity Hospital
  • Altotnge Hospital
  • National Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology
  • King Hussein Cancer Foundation
  • King Hussein Cancer Center
  • King Hussein Medical City - Royal Rehabilitation Centre - Farah
  • King Abdullah University Hospital - Irbid


  • Bait Alomor Company
  • The new generation Express Company
  • Tamweelcom company
  • Credit card services company
  • Tamleek Investment and Real Estate Development
  • National Company for the manufacture of cables
  • Arab German Insurance Company
  • Red Sea company
  • E. Point, Inc.
  • Aram and Hagop company 
  • Madda Telecom company
  • George Khoury Jewelry Company
  • Aman firm Investments
  • Atlas Group,
  • Armosh Foundation for Tourism Investment
  • The first sign company
  • Adnan Saeed Abu Rokbeh Company
  • Global company to develop communication programs
  • Level V Company
  • Canada for body care Company
  • Jabsheh Factory
  • The Modern Contractors
  • Mohamed Sobhi Astnpola company
  • Hamouda dairy company
  • Zein United Trading Agencies
  • Terquaz Trading Company
  • Aqaba for packaging Co
  • United Cable Company
  • Citadel Capital equipment and oil services
  • Outstanding Arab Company
  • Mouawad Jewelry
  • Total Jordan
  • Broadband communications
  • Afif Shtiwi Housing Company
  • Faz Contracting Company
  • Engineers Union Company
  • Adnan Krishan Contactor Office 
  • Modern Advisory Office
  • Innovation Contracting Company
  • Construction Company - Engineers Contractors
  • Alkhams company for engineering and construction
  • Alwajeh Contracting Company
  • Kamal Abbasi company for public safety
  • Alyamin company for public safety
  • Special mission for public safety
  • National companyand firealarmsystems
  • AlawabenContracting Company
  • Lojain Hotel Apartments
  • Noor ala Noor company
  • Muta Contracting Company
  • The walls of Jerusalem for decoration works
  • Petra Airlines Company - Rum Group
  • Shiha Engineering and Contracting
  • Jordan Sadeen Contracting Company - Gulf Union Symbols
  • Altoriaq Construction Contracting

Educational institutions

  • King Abdullah II Schools of Excellence - Tafila
  • King Abdullah II Schools of Excellence - maan
  • Schools American communities
  • Schools Baccalaureate + new kindergarten building
  • Schools Rosary - Irbid
  • Entrepreneurial Education Schools
  • Franciscan schools
  • Khawla bent Alazor School
  • Ain jalott School
  • Irbid Secondary School for Girls
  • Walid bin Abdul Malik School
  • Taibah School
  • Kafr Opa School
  • Gijin School
  • Kafr El-Assad School
  • Harima School
  • Kufrsoum SC School
  • Bushra Sal almugaier School
  • Mansoura School
  • Harash School
  • Zainab bent Alrasoul School
  • School Rehab
  • Mugaier Sarhan School
  • Mafraq School
  • Kindergarten and schools of Arab culture
  • International Republican Institut
  • Petra University
  • The Arab Academy for Banking Sciences
  • German Jordanian University
  • Sinan School
  • Operator of Jordan University